A nonprofit publisher giving 50% of ad revenue to charity.

Giving Forward is a nonprofit publisher; We donate 50% of ad revenue to the nonprofits our contributors and members select. We inform and entertain while helping other nonprofits, Our Members and Contributors are both critical to our success. That’s why we donate 50% of our net advertising revenue (after ad-serving/technology costs, traffic acquisition costs, direct content production costs, and direct sales costs) to US nonprofits (501c3 orgs). Here’s how it works:

a) Content creation / co-creation: The content creator or co-creator (working with our team) is instrumental in the process of publishing. Therefore, they get a say in how we split the 50% of net ad revenue charity pot we donate.

b) Content consumption (reading, viewing, listening): Your attention and content consumption is what powers the system. Sponsors, and advertisers pay us to get your attention. You are critically important so your choice of cause / nonprofit is important. Register as a Member in order to select your default cause. If you don’t register for a specific nonprofit the value of your participation goes into our “Special Causes” bucket where we deploy it when the team sees a need due to natural disaster, or other crisis, or if someone referred you to the stories and content their cause choice becomes the default for that visit.

c) Content sharing (via social media, email or other digital means): People and organizations share the content they love. Everyone can share:

  • Readers/viewers: When you share socially, your cause goes along with the link as the default for new readers
  • Content Creators: Extend the value and impact you delver as a creator by sharing your content and other content. Your cause goes along with the link as the default for new readers
  • Business (including sponsors) Supporting a cause already with direct donation, GREAT! Help them even more by sharing our content with employees and customers, They will both appreciate it. Your cause goes along with the link as the default for new readers
  • Nonprofits, your supporters can help you in ways beyond just writing checks. Have them visit Giving Forward sites and the more they read and watch the more revenue Giving Forward shares with you.

The Back End Points System:

Despite the amazing power of the Internet, we can’t track the exact value of each Member’s specific content consumption. We know how big the overall donation pool is, and use a points system to calculate what we are allocating to each nonprofit cause. It’s quite simple, we use a points system and a technology designed and developed by We-Care (licensed to Giving Forward for $1 a year).

The donations Giving Forward makes are based on content consumption behaviors which generate ad revenue (reading content, watching video, filling out surveys, listening to audio, playing games, taking quizzes etc.). Half the points go to the content creator’s chosen nonprofit and half the points go to the reader/viewer’s chosen nonprofit. If a sharing activity resulted in content consumption, and it’s a new reader then we set the reader’s choice points to the nonprofit the sharing party designated (we automate that).