Volunteer Opportunities

Our objective is to make sure volunteers are doing more than giving back (or for that matter “giving forward” but that they are also engaged in volunteerism that allows them to grow intellectually and emotionally while also improving their skills, and value to employers (if that’s a focus for the volunteer). Before reading the volunteer types, it may be useful to read about the Giving Forward business model and history of the idea.

  • HR Manager: In the early stages of Giving Forward’s adventure in cause marketing, we’ll be operating off of volunteer power. Just like paid staff, getting the right volunteers and having them work effectively in teams requires a person or small team skilled in recruiting with great people skills.

  • Marketing Manager: The Giving Forward brands/titles will have their own marketing needs, starting with HollywoodHerald.org, our launch domain. For publishing in addition to “audience development,” which includes the management and “trafficking” of display media banners to partner publishers. We also have PR and social media marketing, as well as SEO.

  • Writer / Reporter: Even when we get content donated from third-party folks sometimes we need to collaborate with those donors to co-create the content. In other cases we may be creating the content ourselves.

  • Nonprofit Liaison: Once we have launched HollywoodHerald.org, and additional titles, we’ll need to coordinate with nonprofits to cover their fundraising events, and in some cases orchestrate the creation of content by their better known fans. That content powers our platform which then generates revenue for the cause.

  • Graphic Designers: Designers play a role not only in designing elements of our web presence and custom images for content, but also in creating marketing materials that we use to explain our cause marketing business model.

  • Programmers: In addition to WordPress related programming (Javascript/frameworks, HTML, CSS and PHP with a MySQL back end), we also have some projects that require development in other languages including Go(lang), Python and Node.js. To determine whether to assign you to the Core SCRUM team or one of the other projects, we’ll probably ask for you to do an assessment.

Interested in any of the above, please email volunteers at givingforward dot org. Feel free to include a resume, link to your LinkedIn and how many hours a week you plan to have available, as well as any pertinent information.:

Great content fills hearts with joy and minds with information. With Giving Forward, advertiser revenue fills nonprofit coffers.

Kevin Lee • President • Giving Forward