There are several ways to support a nonprofit.

Amazon has both and affiliate/associates program and Amazon SMILE.

Please help us test the hypothesis that they can coexist. This is a small private test.

The Amazon Associates program



In theory one could use both simultaneously for a purchase.

Please help us test that.

Next time you have a purchase to make  (or even better think of something you are nearly out of, or have been delaying of and order it now)

Use the links above in the banner or this link to set Giving Forward as your SMILE charity.  Then the banner with category links to visit Amazon, but be sure to change the URL from to before checking out, or come back here and click the smile link again with a nice full cart. 🙂

Make your purchase…

Then email finance at givingforward dot org, and we’ll look to see if both programs can track that purchase (you can forward your receipt if you aren’t buying anything embarrassing)