Marketing for today is a mindset that knows how the modern business and brand can attract, engage, and influence modern audiences to drive a direct, long-term, and real-life impact within real-world budgets. Success finds the brands with the courage to build and maintain a strong, consistent, memorable identity, the insight to target the most ROI-focused marketing tactics and media channels, the ingenuity to measure results with sound business judgment, and the fortitude to play the long game. In real life, no marketing and advertising agency gets it done like Didit.

Suggested Cause:

Giving Forward

Giving Forward’s primary initiative is in cause marketing powered publishing We are launching several publishing brands / domains GooodBuzz is the launch domain and is a cross between Instagram and Medium, where all ad revenue goes to nonprofits 50+ percent to the nonprofits the viewers and contributors select. We are also launching a multi-nonprofit virtual events platform. The common theme across all of our current and future initiatives is the conversion of attention and behavior to revenue for nonprofits through advertising, marketing, commerce and volunteerism.

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